Friday, November 26, 2004

My New Romantic Friend

A few days ago, I was sitting around, obsessively Googling my own name - as you do - and I came across this. It was on a website dedicated to New Romantic bands. It's the first piece of professional journalism I ever did - for the New Musical Express.

However I wouldn't trouble you with this juvenilia - if it weren't for the subject of the interview, a band called Seona Dancing. The band's members, all two of them, got together while they were studying at the same University as me (UCL); indeed I knew the singer moderately well - his name was Ricky. Ricky Gervais.

Yes, THE Ricky Gervais. The guy from The Office. And - just look at him back then! all thick wavy hair, diamante earrings, and cheekbones. Ah, life.

Seona Dancing came a bit of a cropper. They produced one fine single, then one crap one; neither troubled the charts too much. After that I think their label dropped them. I remember my friendship with Ricky, such as it was, likewise dwindled at that point. We all decided he was a bit of a loser, and lost touch with him. Never go anywhere, we thought. Poor Ricky.


These days I occasionally bump into Ricky. He lives on a street near me. Every time we pass each other, we exchange nods. Of course I know very well who he is; as for him, I'm not sure. When we nod at each other a vague and perplexed expression comes over his face, as if he's thinking: 'Who's that? Didn't I know him once? Where have his cheekbones gone?'


Ross Thomas said...

You should use your in-common fat-facedness as a way to engage him in conversation next time you exchange nods. That way you can become close and live vicariously through him, instead of through the current host to your parasitic attentions, Gyles Brandreth.

Ross Thomas said...

Gyles Brandreth

Anonymous said...

what the fuck is all this bullshit about? who the fuck is sean thomas. Is he a poor man's Toby Young or what? what a fucking loser. Who cares about any of this crap anyway. It's just depressing what people have become, especially that welsh rugby player, yayan evans