Monday, January 24, 2005

Is This The Sickest Blog-post Ever?

I'm having second thoughts about the post below. In fact, I'm wondering if I might be a bit sick in the head. Who could come up with such a repellent and unamusing riff on something as awful as the Holocaust? Well, me obviously.

But I would welcome your opinion. Please add your comments by way of answering yes and no to these questions.

1.Is Sean Thomas a totally sick dude who shouldn't be allowed anywhere near the Internet?


2.Is he not?

If no-one answers, I shall presume you all think I am cool.


piskey6 said...

i'm worried about two things here. 1. the style and structure - it's a bit sub not the nine o'clock news. also your paragraphs are too long. and 2. the tone is a bit lame. almost as if at certain points of this piece you slightly lost interest. but overall i can see your message, though it does get lost sometimes and perhaps thats where you should look at the other side of the debate. perhaps interviewed a modern day nazi - something like that. also remember certain publications like the times, like to have a subjects location, as well as their age. i think you say the name of the number up until about 11, then its figures.

DoctorCatsburger said...

I'm sure the Holocaust was very terrible,why the concentration camps in Round lake Beach Illinois seem bad enough to me with the new Gestopo taking my car away just because it was badge grey. As for Your post I don't have the attention span to read more than a sentence No I'm kidding.I'm just so burnt out on words from the millions of meaningless words I have written on my tardblog that..
What was the question?