Friday, January 21, 2005

Xmas Competition Results!


As you may remember, just before Christmas I set a quiz, for which the prize was - a brand new house in a fashionable part of London!

The competition question was: can you guess what is pictured in the photo below? I took the photo during a trip to France last summer.

Now, after wading through the one single entrant, I am able to announce the winner. No-one! Thankfully, the only person who hazarded a guess, got it wrong - but not that wrong - when they said the photo showed 'a lighting fixture'. Close, but no cigar.

In fact, the picture shows a trio of ceiling windows, in the crypt of the modernist monastery of La Tourette, near Lyon. The monastery was designed by Le Corbusier. The colours in the window surrounds are not due to coloured glass or special lightbulbs, but to the painting on the sills. Clever guy, Le Corbusier.

For those who are interested, I shall post the piece I wrote about the monastery (for the Guardian) in a week or two. I might also post another weird pic as a competition. After all, no one has won that house yet.

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