Thursday, February 10, 2005

Kynance Cove

This beautiful picture, shown below, was taken by Kat Boijer, the very charming, very funny, very Finnish girlfriend of my good chum Loic 'Joachim' Rich. Hi Loic.

The pic actually shows me and Loic. He's the one in the coat. I'm the one swinging my arms. In the middle is... Unknown Dude.

But maybe it isn't an unknown dude, maybe it is my guardian angel. I have reason to believe such a person may hang out on these beaches; at the very least I have unusually warm spiritual memories of Kynance Cove.

Let me explain. Kynance Cove is a beautiful little complex of beaches and caverns in the southwest of Cornwall, England. In 1987, three days before my rape trial (it's a long story - check out my novel The Cheek Perforation Dance) I came here to try and de-stress. But that's difficult when you are about to be tried for rape. Whatever my feelings, something happened here that I cannot quite explain.

My family was faffing about, having tea in the Kynance Cove tea-shop. Feeling less than relaxed, I decided to wander off - and go sit in a cave. And.. while I was in this cave... something happened. It felt like God spoke to me. Or maybe I had a migraine. Or too much coffee an hour previous. Anyway the voice, such as it was, told me that everything was gonna be OK. I would be acquitted. I left the cave calmer than I had been for months. A week later I was acquitted.

Weird, huh? Or maybe not. Who knows. Last year I went back to Kynance with my beloved fiancee, and we thanked my guardian angel by having a delightful bonk on a cliff. I think God would approve.

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