Thursday, March 24, 2005

And another shot of Mariella. Sigh. Just looking at this photo takes me back... I mean, what happened to us? Where did it all go? What happened to all that youth and beauty, all that dewy promise? Was Shakespeare right when he said: all 'golden lads and lasses must, like chimney sweepers, come to dust'?

I fear so. But at least I GOT LAID by some extremely HOT CHICKS on the way.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, so true. I am a black man and had my share of this depressed place. I did not know how boring Denmark is when I was married to a danish girl- until I got divorced and went to the U.S.Comparing the two countries, Denmark is freaking boring as hell. As a single person, you do not want live here. The people are lifeless, do not have passion for
anything except for their education. One does not have the drive to go after what she or he wants like the U.K., U.S., or Canada. More then 50% of the population are on welfare. The danes are not friendly sort of folk and that make you uncomfortable. But on the flip side, you will enjoy being here if u are married or have a girl friend, otherwise you will regret being here.