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Belfast, March 16th, 2005

It seemed a clever move at the time. Following the high-profile grass roots campaign of the five McCartney sisters, who wanted justice for their brother Robert McCartney (slain by IRA members in a Belfast bar), the IRA made a secret offer to the sisters - that it would 'shoot those IRA members responsible'.
At the time the sisters said no: they wanted justice, not vengeance. But that didn't stop the Provisional IRA, who went ahead and shot dead the three IRA members deemed responsible for the stabbing of McCartney.

Case closed? Not in this increasingly curious chain of events. Following the murder of the three IRA members responsible for the murder of McCartney, a high profile grass roots campaign immediately began, led by the thirty-six brothers and sisters of the three IRA murderers murdered by the IRA. This grass-roots campaign, conducted in a high profile media blitz, put still more pressure on republican politicians. Two days ago this led an increasingly desperate Sinn Fein leadership to an even more unprecedented offer: to kill the twelve IRA members deemed responsible for killing the three IRA members deemed responsible for killing Robert McCartney.

For a day or two things went quiet. The 'Ra, politically adrift, must have hoped that the end was in sight. But then the three dozen brothers and sisters of the three murdered murderers said in public that they wanted 'justice not vengeance' - and so the Police Service of Northern Ireland began an investigation of the brutal murders of the McCartney murderers.

Sadly, despite the fact that the three murders took place in the centre of the pitch at a packed all-Ireland Gaelic football final, none of the 72,000 people present saw anything of the slayings. Indeed 61,000 of them were in the toilets at the time, according to reports, and the other 11,000 blinked at the wrong moment.

Result: impasse. And so came last night's bizarre events, when the twelve IRA murderers responsible for the brutal murder of the three IRA murderers responsible for the brutal murder of Robert McCartney, were brutally murdered by the IRA. Then this morning we heard from Belfast the almost predictable result - seven hundred and thirteen close relatives of the murdered twelve IRA murderers have just started a high profile grass roots campaign, to get the seventy two murderers of the murdered twelve murderers of the three IRA murderers arrested.

At this moment in time, the beleaguered IRA has yet to make a response. However a Sinn Fein councillor, when asked this morning on RTE 'how long this could go on', first evaded the question, but then said: 'Well, obviously there is a limit: once we've brutally murdered everyone in Ireland, then that will be the end of it. Unless their relatives abroad start a high-profile media campaign'.
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