Monday, April 18, 2005

A Boring Post on Happiness

The peacocks of Brownsea, yesterday.

Sorry to all my readers for the slight hiatus in blogging. I've got a good excuse though, I've been doing the latest instalment of my Britain's Other Islands piece for the Sunday Times. This time around my destination was Brownsea Island, in Poole Harbour, Dorset, where I stayed with my beloved fiancee in a little cottage three yards from the sea.

I'd like to report some dramatic incident or bizarre happening that might make this blog-post a bit more interesting, but I can't. Brownsea Island is just... tranquil, and idyllic, and gorgeous: a little remnant of an Edenic England, an England that never existed. It's also the last remaining home of the, er, English red squirrel (OK not the Giant Panda, but they are cute). And it's where Baden Powell started the scouting movement. AND it's full of peacocks wandering self-consciously around the sunlit meadows like overdressed debutantes at Glastonbury Festival.

Likesay I am aware this is one of my less interesting posts. Happiness writes white, as someone said. Anyway just about the most interesting things that happened on Brownsea was that I drank wine with Claire and we had a nice curry in the cottage and at night we listened to the avocets shagging.

I guess I did relearn one important thing though: England is a beautiful and remarkable country. It's easy to forget that.

PS. How freaking good is this photo? Look at the composition! The visual rhythm! Did it with my mobile phone, as well.

PPS. Er, much more interesting posts shortly!
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