Wednesday, April 13, 2005

A Jew and his Box

I have just received this ancient Cornish news clipping from my very good friend Loic Rich (a Cornwall-based multi-ethnic person, before anyone sends for the thought police). He finds it funny and unnerving, at the same time - and so do I. The opening line of this newspaper article is priceless. I hope you can read it; if not it says: 'It is generally thought a thing almost impossible for a Jew to part with his box'. Er, yeah.

But what makes it even more amusing - and bizarre - is the academic footnote, which you can't see here because my picture resizing skills are minimal. In the footnote, the writer of the book The Jews in Cornwall, wherein this clipping appears, claims that this venerable piece of journalese somehow shows 'tolerance of, concern for, and equanimity towards Jews'. Of course it does - particularly the bit where it says 'the characters of several honest men [were] questioned by the Jew'?

As we say in Cornwall: God bless us, one and all! Unless you're Jewish.
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