Wednesday, May 11, 2005

.. from Foula I flew to the Shetlands, then flew to Inverness, then drove across the Highlands to Ullapool. Here I rested up and ate biscuits for a few days. So I didn't take many photos. But this is a bay near Tanera Mhor in the Summer Isles, one of the islands I was meant to be visiting. In the end I didn't go for very long cause there was a force nine gale and there was a chance I would be stranded on the wrong side of Loch Broome for days and after my Foula experience I wasn't so keen on that so I hastened back to my shortcake. Sorry. Soon after this photo I loaded myself and my car on the ferry and sailed across the wastes of the north Atlantic to the far Outer Hebrides, the fabled Western Isles, the last Gaelic speaking outpost of the Britons. Posted by Hello

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