Wednesday, May 11, 2005

... at the end of this mammoth walk, we gingerly approached the Kame. This is the highest cliff on Foula, and one of the highest cliffs in the world. 1200 feet. Oo-er missus etc. Four weeks before I arrived on Foula, a German tourist apparently leapt to his death from this cliff. Actually the locals think the poor guy might not have jumped - he might just have been swept to his death by a sudden gust of wind, of which Foula has quite a few. Either way, it was very unfortunate for Foula as they only get about two tourists a year and a death rate of 50% isn't so good for business. Another thing about this cliff: in living memory, the locals used to climb down the precipice in the protein-starved winter, to steal seagulls' eggs and puffins, for supper. If you've eaten puffin, as I have, you will appreciate how desperate you must be to do this.  Posted by Hello

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