Thursday, June 09, 2005

Montreal Rocks! Well, ish.

'Live in Montreal', our indie rock album cover.

I've been asked by a toffeewombler whether I enjoyed Montreal, where I very recently weekended.

And did I enjoy it? Well, kinda. I had some very nice food: foie gras and maple syrup canapes. Also I drank lots of champagne, and partied on down, and stayed in an uber-trendy hotel with baths the size of Wyoming. So, yeah, I guess I enjoyed it. In my resultant article I actually compared Montreal to an afternoon soap opera - a punchy, passionate, sentimental place full of ridiculous arguments and beautiful women.

And, yes, that's true - to a point. But like an afternoon soap opera Montreal is also fairly forgettable and ultimately insignificant. Sorry. Is that a bit harsh? I hope not, but if it is - fuck it. The French Canadians aren't known for pulling punches, are they? Ask Jerry Sadowitz!

Indeed, my most memorable souvenir of my trip to Montreal is this photo, rather like an idierock album cover, of the very funky journalists I travelled with, and a very capable (and beauteous) PR girl; we are standing on the Ile St Helene surveying the Montreal skyline. I'm the one behind the cellphone canera, natch.

Thanks for a fun trip, guys!

And now I am on my travels again - Seoul, in South Korea, followed by Trieste, then Croatia, and then Venice. Yes, it's a hard life, but I'm gonna keep blogging if poss.


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