Friday, June 10, 2005

Most Conspicuous Public Use of Drugs

As I write, on a dulcet summer evening here in Fitzrovia, central London, there is a police car parked in the middle of my street. It's there, above, in the left centre. The police car has decanted three or four cops, who are now quizzing a homeless guy who 'lives' opposite me (i.e. he regularly sleeps in a cardboard box, in the entrance to the Law College). If you look closely at my brilliant mobile phone pic, you can see the rozzers interrogating the homeless dude.

Why are the peelers quizzing this innocent young derelict? Because he was openly smoking a crackpipe in the street.

Ah, London, you gotta love it.

Walking by this scene a couple of minutes ago, and pacing speedily to my flat so I could take a sneaky photo, got me wondering about public use of drugs.

In my time I've seen some pretty outrageous public consumption of narcotics. I once stayed in a flat in the red light district of Amsterdam, where these rich German junkies would drive up, score heroin from the prostitutes, and then chase the dragon quite openly, in their gleaming Mercedes, parked by the Oudekirk.

I've also seen two people smoking heroin and cocaine, in the porch of Bow Bells church, in Cheapside, in the City, on Millennium night. Nice for the tourists.*

And once I saw a bloke carefully weighing out his heroin with a scales, again this occured just a few hundred yards from me in London (believe it or not I live in a very desirable area, even if my flat is a hovel).

All these examples however, fail in comparison to something my friend Dorian saw last week. It is my belief that the scene witnessed by Dorian wins the Pulitzer Prize for outrgaeous public consumption of recreational substances.

Dorian was walking down one of the main streets in Cardiff, and this junkie was sitting on the pavement... with a little calor gas cooker (you know, the ones you use when camping).... and what was the junkie doing with his little cooker? Well, he was using it to heat up his heroin, prior to injection. This in full view of the entire city.

Frankly, I think that takes the biscuit. It's hard to imagine a more flippantly pubic consumption of Class As than actually setting up a small cottage industry, in the middle of a shopping district, wherewith to prepare your heroin.

Other toffeewomblers may know differently, of course. So: if anyone has witnessed, or heard of, an even more exhibitionistic abuse of narcotics, do please let me know. I'm thinking of setting up an award.

* Actually, the two people smoking heroin and cocaine, by Bow Bells, were me and my friend BW. But I think my point still obtains. Posted by Hello

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