Friday, July 22, 2005

Another Day, Another Bomber

So, we got bombed again. Another burning cross, another North South East West attack, only this time the bombs didn't go off, only the detonators - and the bombers ran away.

But even if the bombs didn't go off, they still managed to cause a fair bit of disruption and nerve-jangling. They also got me thinking, has Osama got a grudge against me, personally? The bombers have now struck three times within a minute of my flat - three different bombs a few hundred yards from my street. Not only that, they seem to be targetting places significant in my life. The Tavistock Square bomb was right by my old college, the Warren Street bomb was where I lost my virginity. But if this is the bombers' intention, to rattle Sean Thomas in his favourite haunts, I've got news for them. These places were important in my life TWENTY YEARS AGO. Osama, dude, I've moved on. Maybe you should, too.

Anyway here's a quick photo trip. The above pic shows Tottenham Court Road a couple of hours after the bomb. The street was closed off so everyone was walking home in the middle of the road. Weird.

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01-811-8055 said...

Were you on a train or just in the tunnel at the time? Either way, pretty impressive!