Friday, July 08, 2005

Says It All, Mate

A friend of mine visits a strip pub, once a week, down by the Gray's Inn Road. Despite the bombs, he went along this afternoon, as usual, and was the only guy with four strippers. But, he told me, he had to go - 'otherwise the terrorists would have won'.

Anyway, I thought I should share that with you. Bit of British humour and pluck, the kind of resilience and toughness that will protect us through these dark days, and see off these Islamo-wankers. If those verminous scumbags think they can cow us into submission by putting some suicidal dipshit on a doubledecker, they can think again.

Eat crow, Zarqawi.


Anonymous said...

Presuming that you're referring to the Griffin, I walked past it myself on the way home and was glad to see that they were flying the flag, so to speak.


sean said...

Yes! The Griffin! Had many a nice, slightly distracted pint there meself.

jpb said...

u sure its them terror muslims doing it? what about IRA?

Anonymous said...

Brown's was closed at lunchtime. I suspect that this was because of the catastrophic lack of business yesterday rather than insufficient stiffness (of upper lips, natch) but even so, the terrorists have won.