Tuesday, August 02, 2005

International Seduction Techniques

I'm bored of blogging morbid guff about bombs. So here's something a little more light-hearted, verging on pointless.

How To Pull In Eleven Languages


Il y a du monde au balcon
You have wonderful breasts (literally: the world is on your balcony)

Oh, quelle cul t'as
God you've got a great arse


Kamu wongi sekali
You smell very nice

Aku tergila-gila olehmul
I'm crazy about you

Bukalah bajumu
Get your kit off


Ba-ba-bachami bambina sulla bo-bo-bocca piccolina
Kiss kiss kiss me little girl on my mouth mouth mouth little one

Fammi vedere tua cozza barbuta
I want to eat your bearded clam


Nani iro-no shitagi-o tsuketeru-no?
What colour underwear are you wearing?

Kirei-na hada-dane
You have beautiful skin

Hokuru-o mitsukuketa
I found your birthmark

Shawa-o abinagara sekkusu-suru-no suki?
Do you like to make love in the shower?

Anata-no ai-nashi-ja ikirarenai
I can't live without your love


Eh, guapa, que tal?
Hey, goodlooking, how's it hanging?

Querio chupar tu sexo
I want to suck your sex part


Chum chushileyo?
Would you like to dance?

Chum chai chushinunteyo
You dance well

Odi tandero kacho
Shall we go elsewhere?

Kunyang kopi mashiro kayo
Just for coffee

Sonda sonda!
I'm coming! I'm coming!

I came

Nui sarang-he, hachiman no-e nampyoni telsu opso
I love you, but I can't become your husband

Chokatunom! Shipalom! Chibena kaso taltal-cho! Duechi!
You look like a penis! Gigolo! Go home and masturbate, you pig!


Ikh bin dorshtik far dayn brust
I am hungry for your breasts

Firt mikh tsu ganeydn
Please take me to Heaven


May co the nhay voi tao duoc khong?
You wanna dance with me?

Nhac rap cua nguoi Viet nam ngo quai!
Vietnamese rap music is cool!

May nung lon roi ha?
Is your vagina in heat?

Bu cac tao ne!
Suck my penis!

Goi tao nhe
Call me


U vas i est drug?
Have you got a boyfriend?

Maya Krasavitza
My beauty!


Ni how shing-gan!
You are so sexy!

Ni duh yien ging hun may!
You have beautiful eyes!

Pah shem muh?
What are you afraid of?

Shi wo!
Blow me!

Shiau li i-dien...

Ni dzua duh hun how! Ni hun li-hai!
You do it so well...

Ho bay sher
.. especially doggie style


Do you want to come?

My darling! (literally: my liver! - i.e. you are as valuable to me as my most important internal organ)


Ali said...

Heh, the world is on you balcony. Here's a twelveth one for you:


[telephon-eto] behem bedeh
Give me [your phone number]

Bia too
Come inside

Khoshgel Khanoom

Reza said...

Would like to correct you on the Indonesian language:

You smell very nice.
Kamu wangi sekali.

You look beautiful.
Kamu cantik sekali.

Recho said...

now in Hindi...

Tumhara badan bahut garam hai...
[you have a hot body]

mere saath jhule par charhogi
[you want to get it on with me]

Motke Ganev said...

Christ, this is pedantic but it's 2 AM and I'm jet-lagged.

To correct your Yiddish "Ikh bin dorshtik far dayn brust" means I am thirsty for your breast. This is not a good thing to say, especially to new mothers.

I am hungry for your breasts would be Ikh bin hungerik fun dayne brist.



Motke Ganev said...

What a smart arse.

That should have have read Ikh bin hungerik far dayne brist.