Monday, August 29, 2005

The Isle of Dogs; August 29, 2005.

An ancient map of the Isle of Dogs, East London.

I was researching my film script today, the one about mice that I'm too embarrassed to describe. The final scenes of the screenplay take place in Canary Wharf Tube Station - so I headed East on the Jubilee Line to check out Norman Foster's famous cathedral-like station building.

But when I got to Canary Wharf it was such a beautiful day I started wandering around the neighbourhood, the ancient Isle of Dogs, that isolated loop in the tidal lower Thames that was once the haunt of pirates and jack tars, ropemakers and gangsters, dockworkers and Chinese opium-addicts - and is now an extraordinary and exhilarating mix of soaring modern architecture and aboriginal white trash estates, cocktailed by yuppie apartment blocks and bizarre Millennial monuments.

I think the Isle of Dogs must be one of the most intoxicatingly surreal cityscapes in the world right now.

See what you think from my rather crap cellphone photos.

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