Sunday, September 18, 2005

Competition Number Three

Where am I?

I haven't done a competition for a while, as I have been travelling, writing, and can't be arsed. But I thought it was time to get all toffeewomblers a-cogitatin' once again. So. Here's the new puzzle. This picture was taken about ten minutes ago. If you study it closely, there are certain clues as to where it was taken. Can you guess?

If you are having trouble (I know it's a toughie) there is a tiny, subtle clue in the post above, where I actually say where I am.

Answers to the Womble, please. The provider of the first correct answer will
almost certainly win a large, furnished townhouse in London's fashionable Primrose Hill.


1 comment:

chris said...

You are ... sitting in front of a computer. Can you post the prize to Torquay please?