Thursday, October 27, 2005

Sweet Charity

I was walking through an unseasonably warm and sunny Soho Square this lunchtime, when I came across this. It was a big marquee, with a sign saying 'Come and smash up our edible life-sized chocolate Aga'. Apparently it was all being done for charity.

I'd like to have been in on the ideas meeting, at the charity concerned, when they came up with this promotional idea.

"What people really like is smashing things up which are made out of chocolate!"

"Yes. But that's been done to death. How can we give it a new spin?"

"I know! Let's make something out of chocolate that they can smash up which is really unexpected - but exciting!"

"Like what?"

"A tractor."

"No. Too Soviet."

"A computer?"

"Too boring."

"A massive model of a woodlouse."

"Hmmm. Not bad. But..."

"Wait. I've got. It. Let's make a life sized edible chocolat model of an Aga!"

"Yes! Brilliant! A full-scale chocolate facsimile of an upper middle class Swedish-manufactured oven! Of course!"


Anonymous said...

The sad part is some poor bastard spent hours, if not days, making what he thought to be a reasonable chocolate rendition of an Aga.

agamum said...

AGA’s were first manufactured in the UK in 1929 & are solely manufactured by AGA-Rayburn in England at the historic
Coalbrookdale Foundry in Shropshire. It was invented by Dr. Gustaf Dalen, a Nobel Prize-winning Swedish physicist.
The life-sized Aga made entirely of chocolate was created to coincide with the unveiling of the latest high-profile addition to the Aga collection. The sculpture was the work of artist Prudence Emma Staite in which she used 150kg of chocolate!