Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Toffeewomble: Autumn Tour 2005

A painting, of fanatics. But where?

Yes, I'm off on my travels again. But not for long, and not as far as Madagascar. There's a clue in the painting above as to my destination, correct guessers will receive the usual part-furnished bedsit in Tottenham Hale.

While I'm away, I'm wondering if regular toffeewomblers could help me out. I'm doing a book proposal for a follow-up to the story of my chequered lovelife (Millions of Women are Waiting to Meet You; Bloomsbury Books; May 2006).

The book is another memoir, this time of all the bad and wacky stuff - the mayhem, drugs and strange parties - that didn't get in the first book. The conceit this time is that I am trying to find out the world's ultimate pleasure: is it crack cocaine or rolling down grass hills? A cup of tea or heroin? Maybe its a nice big breakfast, or maybe its a brace of call-girls in Bangkok?

On this line, I will hang the exuberantly dirty washing of my life. Should be fun.

So far, the titles I've come up with are:

Fifteen Ways of Falling Over

Lick it and See

Try Everything Twice

Things That Made Me Go Mmmmm

Love, Sex or Chocolate Biscuits

God Made Me Do It

[they will all be subtitled: One Man's Pursuit of the Ultimate Pleasure]

Are any of these any good? Or are they all crap? Can you think of something better? If you can, I promise to give you a big fat mention in the book. Shukran.



Oona King said...

Tower Hamlets?

piskey6 said...
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