Sunday, October 16, 2005

World's Worst Wildlife Photography

There's a treefrog in there. Somewhere.

As regular toffeewomblers know, I have recently returned from a two week jaunt around the remarkable island of Madagascar. Famous for many things - like its unique traditions and beliefs - Madagsacar is also well known for its dazzling flora and fauna, for its lemurs and chameleons, its orchids and cacti - many of them found only on the 'red island'. Naturally I went well prepared for this opportunity - I took my mobile phone, which has a crap camera in it. The result is, I think, perhaps the world's worst wildlife photography, as the above and following photos amply display.

Up there, for instance, is a tree frog. It's in the middle of the leaves. To my mind, this is a virtually flawless wildlife shot, apart from the fact that the whole image is horribly blurred, and you can't actually see the frog.

I hope you enjoy the rest of this portfolio. Picture editors who wish to use some or all of these shots can contact me through the comments section.

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