Thursday, November 10, 2005

Heaven: an Update*

Paradise, yesterday.

Heaven: the latest Updates

God has announced that the following updates are
available for Heaven 7.1.4, by visiting

Both mac and pc users should note that this software
only runs upon death, and that all your sin
repentances should be up to date.

The new Heaven has resolved issues with haloes and has
a new look chat room for catholic martyrs.

God bless

Archangel Gabriel in Excel Office 2004


Heaven 7.1.4 is a faith based application for those
that have downloaded Jesus into their hearts. This
software may cause issues with Jewish and Muslim users.

*I'd like to thank my friend Loic Rich for letting me blog this - his comedic riff on Heaven - without his permission, as I couldn't think of anything to blog myself. Hey, we all have our off days.

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