Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Nazis Come In Many Colours

If you lift those hoods, what colour faces would you expect to see?

Compare and Contrast

Here are two stories. The first, you've probably heard of. It's the terrible racist murder of black student Anthony Walker. Here's a typical news summary of this case (from the BBC website some months ago).

"A-Level student Anthony Walker, 18, died in hospital after a gang of up to four white men attacked him in Huyton, Merseyside, on Friday.

He had been taunted at a bus stop with his white girlfriend and a male cousin. They fled but were set upon in a park.

Police believe the killers are local, and want the community to give them up.

Mr Walker had spent the evening with his girlfriend, who attended the same sixth-form college in Huyton.

Merseyside Police said that as the couple waited for a bus outside the Huyton Park pub with Mr Walker's cousin they were subjected to a "torrent of racial abuse" by a man in his 20s wearing a hooded top.

Police want to trace two men who were seen talking to the man shortly after he hurled the abuse.

'We believe the offenders are local and we believe it is the responsibility of the local community to give [them] up,' says Assistant Chief Constable Bernard Lawson

Mr Walker and his companions did not retaliate to the abuse and left to find another bus stop. But they were followed and as they walked through McGoldrick Park they were attacked by a gang of three or four men.

Mr Walker's girlfriend and cousin saw a man carrying an axe bludgeon him, and ran to get help. When they returned minutes later they found him slumped on the ground with massive head injuries.

The axe was embedded in his skull.

Police hope CCTV footage from a camera just yards away from where Mr Walker was attacked will provide vital clues.

Mr Walker was taken to Whiston Hospital and later transferred to Walton neurological centre where he died at 0525 BST on Saturday."

Wicked, sick and repellent. Of course. Now look at this story, from the Guardian website, a year or two back.

"A man has been convicted for his part in the racist murder of a 15-year-old schoolboy who was kidnapped, stabbed and set on fire for no other reason than he was white and in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Kriss Donald was snatched from the streets of Pollokshields, Glasgow, in March by a group of five Asian men looking for revenge after one of them had been struck by a bottle thrown by a white teenager in a nightclub the previous day.

At the high court in Glasgow yesterday, Daanish Zahid, 20, was by unanimous verdict found guilty of the racially aggravated abduction, assault and murder of Kriss. He will be sentenced at a later date.

The court had heard that Kriss was jumped on as he walked down a street near his home with a friend. As he was bundled into a car, he screamed: "Why me? I'm only 15."

His mutilated body was found the next day on a walkway in the east end of the city. The slightly built boy had been beaten, held down and stabbed 13 times, then set on fire while he was still alive. Bleeding to death and burning, he tried to crawl towards the river Clyde but died in a ditch.

A passerby who found his body the following day thought he had stumbled across the carcass of a dead animal.

Zahid had claimed in court that he was not part of any plan to abduct Kriss, and accused two other men, who cannot be named for legal reasons, of the murder. Zahid admitted being in a car at the scene where Kriss was killed, and said he had heard the boy's "screams and cries of pain" and seen a fireball after accelerant was poured over the teenager."

I guess - I'm just guessing - that if you are British you have heard of Anthony Walker. But you probably haven't heard of Kriss Donald, even though his murder was significantly 'worse', given that poor Kriss Donald was first tortured, then stabbed, then set alight, over several long hours. Walker was killed with one axe-blow to the head.

So how come Anthony Walker's murder has led the TV news on several occasions, but Kriss Donald's has been forgotten? Is there just better news value in murderous white racism than murderous brown racism?

Google hits for 'murder' & "Kriss Donald" - 787. Google hits for 'murder' & "Anthony Walker" - 43,000.

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