Saturday, November 05, 2005


There, that got your attention, didn't it? Hitler may have been a genocidal pervert, but he sure knew how to design a flag. But stop looking at it now, or you might go to jail.


Yesterday six 'white British supremacists' were jailed, one for five years, for distributing race-hate literature, and promoting a racist website. At the trial the Judge said they were not being imprisoned for what they believed, as 'this is a free country', but for inciting racial violence. As some of the material distributed included advice on how to 'roast a rabbi' and how to construct a nail bomb, it would seem these sentences were entirely justifed.

And no doubt they were, against the five men who actually distributed this vile garbage. However the case of the sixth man sentenced yesterday, Kevin Quinn, is more challenging.

As far as I can establish this man was given his suspended two year jail sentence not for distributing the material mentioned above, but for 'possessing a Nazi pamphlet', called the Longest Hatred. He also apparently had a 'bust of Hitler' in his home and 'a copy of Mein Kampf'.

Intrigued by these references, I did some research. Clearly this pamphlet must be pretty bad, for its mere possession to be an imprisonable offence. Is it? Decide for yourself - it's here.

Then again, you may not want to read it, as doing so might put you in prison. So I'll summarise it for you - it's a fairly lunatic, predictably repellent piece of anti-Semitic drivel, blaming the Jews for communism, multi-culturalism, capitalism, the price of petrol, and all those bad haircuts in the 80s. Etc etc. But, and here's the crux of the matter, at no point does it say 'go out and kill all the Jews' or 'go out and torch a synagogue', or anything of that kind. It's just fairly nasty, very boring gibberish.

And a man has got a jail sentence for 'possessing' it.

Doesn't that make you think? It is a crime simply to possess a pamphlet with anti-Semitic overtones. Whatever we think of anti-Semitism, whatever we think of the sad guy with the Hitler bust, this seems incredible to me. It also belies what the judge says: clearly the UK is no longer a free country, if you can't 'possess' pamphlets with unsavoury political views without risking a prison sentence.

Anyway. Watch out everyone. Perhaps it's time for you to junk those videos about the Nazis. While you're at it, get rid of those history books with the picture of Goebbels. And burn your laptop after readng this post, the cops are probably watching you now. Personally speaking, I'm going to have a lobotomy, to remove the parts of my brain where the words "anti-Semitic" have occurred. You never know.

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