Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Trilobite Tea Party

Fossils on sale in Tangier market, yesterday.

It has been alleged that some of the fossils on sale in Morocco are fake. I'd just like to say that, having recently returned from Tangiers, this is a complete calumny against a fine bunch of traders. I did a long tour of the souks of that city, and literally every fossil I saw was at least as genuine as the one pictured above. OK, the moaning minnies amongst the 'real fossil brigade' might claim that it is rather unlikely that two trilobites, a scorpion and a thingummy would all get fossilised at the same time in the same place in a precisely equidistant way, but haven't these 'real fossil obsessives' ever considered the possibility that dinosaurs had picnics? Maybe these antediluvian creatures were having a good old natter about the ammonite down the road and then WHAM they got fossilised? What's so unbelievable about that? Fake fossils, my Cornish arse.

Next thing, they'll be saying that some of the hard drugs sold on the streets of London are 'cut' in some way.

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