Sunday, January 01, 2006

Toffeewomble Tour Update Blah Blah Etc Etc

An inflatable moose head, stuck to a wall, yesterday.

Happy New Year! I haven't got much to blog, not least 'cause I haven't got much time to blog, being briefly stuck between stages two and three of my epic journey around the world (well, my epic journey around Cornwall, London, and parts of the USA). As such I am generally packing, unpacking, staring out of the window, repacking, and wondering where my airline tickets are.

About the only thing I've got to say, of interest, is my favourite quote regarding New Years. It comes from Evelyn Waugh's diaries in the mid-20s, when he made this entry for December 31st.

"I hear they are thinking of starting a new year. I'm not surprised. I do hope it's better than the last one."

Have a fanTAStic 2006, everybody.

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