Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Anthony Hopkins & The Meaning of Life

Anthony Hopkins saying: 'Eat shit, Plato'; yesterday.

As any good Toffeewombler knows, I am in Bangkok right now, living it up in a hi-tech boutique hotel off the Sukhumvit Road. It's called the Majestic Grande, and it's a very nice gaff, full of Japanese tourists eating seabass teriyaki for breakfast. The bathtubs are about two metres deep.

All this luxury has lulled me into a pleasant stupor, which is nice. However I was rudely awoken from my air-conditioned reverie this very morning, by a startling article in the English-speaking local rag, the Bangkok Post. The piece was syndicated from the New York Times, apparently.

Why is this article so startling? Because it's an interview with famous Welsh actor Anthony Hopkins (star of Howards End and Silence of the Lambs) in which the diminutive Taffy megastar reveals that he has personally grasped the meaning of life.

Yes, that's right, Anthony 'Hannibal the Cannibal' Hopkins has worked it all out! He's sussed it! The big Question! The Ultimate Ask! The Eternal Puzzle! The question that has befuddled the greatest brains of humanity, the eternal riddle which has confounded the likes of Aristotle, Leibniz, Locke, Hobbes, Wittgenstein, Spinoza, and Immanuel Kant, has been number-crunched by none other than the man who played Zorro's dad.

Here is the dramatic revelation of the ex-alcoholic thespian Welshman's amazing insight, as revealed, verbatim, in this morning's Bangkok Post. Try not to spill your coffee. As I did.

"'I do get a sense, however in my own life, that there's a strange substance in life that none of us knows about', the actor says. 'I'm fascinated by time. I've written a script that I'm planning to do soon, a script not about time, but about the nature of reality. It's called Slipstream, and I wrote it as a stream-of-consciousness piece.'
'My own interpretation is that, if there is a God, God is actually time, because time is so elusive,' he continues. 'I'm fascinated by that, the older I get, every moment just slips past me. You think "what is real"? You can't even grasp this moment because, as soon as you try, it's gone. I was talking to someone else 10 minutes ago, and that's all gone... that was a dream.. it's all gone.'
'And I think "Was there a past? Is there a future?"' Hopkins says. 'This goes back to metaphysics and philosophy. I think: Well, maybe that's what God is. Maybe that's the puzzle of life, what life's all about. I've got a theory that one day, at the moment of impact of death, you wake up and say: "Ah, that was it all along". That's Hinduism.'

Thanks, Ant. The professorship in Aristotelian Epistemology is in the post.


Dan said...

Sean, what do you enjoy more, seeing all the different places in the world or telling people of all the places you've been too?.

sean said...

Telling people, obv!