Sunday, February 05, 2006

Here, oddly enough, is an image from the March 23, 2005, edition of... The Guardian. It shows a painting of a semi-naked Jesus flashing while on a surfboard. And why is it in the Guardian? Because the newspaper was reporting the arrest of a German artist, in Greece; the artist was arraigned for publishing images of Jesus (like the one above) in a satirical 'Biography' of Christ.

The article accompanying the image explains how the Greeks were scandalised by these images - so scandalised, they arrested a foreign national under the new European Arrest Warrant.

So where are these across-the-board standards now, eh, Alan Rusbridger? Actually you do have two standards, don't you? One standard for angry and aggressive ethnic minorities, and one slightly lower standard for the rest of us.

You craven appeasers; you hypocritical jerks.

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