Monday, April 03, 2006

The Hardest Dog in the World

The Japanese Tosa. Don't pronounce it 'tosser', because if you do this deceptively sweet-looking pooch will probably bite your head off.

I'm down in Cornwall at the moment, doing some glamorous research into branch railways. Ah, journalism.

Actually, it's quite fun. Spring is here, the daffodils are out, and Visit Britain have put me up in the most expensive hotels in the county - so, likesay, things could be worse.

Except for the dogs, that is. No, not the women of Cornwall. The aggressive hounds. Every beach I go to, and every woodland glade, seems full of leapy great mastiffs, drooling and barking.

Actually, that's a lie. I have encountered just one dog this week. A nice spaniel in Trellisick Gardens. But as I am desperate to find a means of introducing my blogpost, I thought this might do.

Anyway here's a list, of the toughest dogs in the world. I've chosen four famously brutish breeds, and tried to work out which is the nastiest, bitiest, eatiest, rabidest cur of all. And people say blogging is pointless!

Which is the Hardest Dog of All?

Killer Dogs

Britain: Old English Mastiff
USA: American Pit Bull Terrier
Japan: Tosa
South Africa: Boerboel

Where do they come from?

(Britain) The Old English Mastiff is a direct descendant of one of the world's oldest killer dogs, the 'pugnace', or Broad Mouthed Dog of Britain, whose matchless ferocity was lovingly described by Julius Caesar in 55 BC.

(USA) The American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT) is a descendant of the original English bull-baiting bulldog, crossed with a Staffordshire terrier, with a dash of some particularly nasty gene all its own.

(Japan) The 'Sumo wrestler' of the dog world is a hybrid dating from the 1800s which comprises a mix of bulldog, mastiff, Great Dane and native Japanese hunting hound.

(SA) The bloodline of the Boer's favourite mutt can allegedly be traced back to the Assyrian attack dogs favoured by Alexander the Great, which were employed in the arena to fight lions and elephants.

Big bastards, are they?

(Britain) They don't come any bigger. According to the Guinness Book of Records the world's mightiest pooch was an English mastiff named Zorba de la Susa, which weighed in at 325 lbs. The average is 200-225lbs.

(America) Not really. A big APBT weighs about 30lbs. But size isn't everything..

(Japan) Big enough. Male Tosas average 140 to 180lbs.

(SA) A sizeable 'bullenbijter' (Afrikaans for 'bull-muncher') is almost as big as a mastiff.

What else?

(Britain) This generally light brown, black masked dog is also known as the alaunt, and was famously used at the Battle of Agincourt.

(USA) Short haired, often piebald or white, APBTs commonly sport a black eye patch - like the one on Oliver Reed's dog in the film Oliver!

(Japan) The Tosa's preferred colour is red, and they are claimed by the Japs to be 'the most intelligent of dogs'.

(SA) Only recently recognised as a true breed, the Boerboel's African ancestors were so brave - or savage - Aristotle named them Leontix: sons of lions.

What do they do now?

(Britain) Nowadays mastiffs are essentially a show breed. i.e. they slobber, fart, snore and crap, and eat you out of house and home.

(USA) The US Marines' wartime mascot is also a favourite in the illegal dog-fighting rings of the Deep South.

(Japan) Another show breed, Tosas also make 'excellent estate guard dogs'.

(SA) Very much a working mutt, Boerboels are bred specifically to guard and protect South African farmers and their families out on the veldt.

Nasty streak?

(Britain) Probably not, inasmuch as any aggression has been progressively bred out of the OEM since bull-baiting was banned in the UK in 1835.

(USA) Just a bit. In 1992 the 'little rascal' was responsible for 20% of all severe dog bites in Florida.

(Japan) Depends. In the 19th century Samurai warriors were advised to study the Tosa for its qualities of courage and boldness, but also loyalty and calmness.

(SA) Tell me about it. When Boerboels were first openly advertised in the South African press they were candidly described as 'racist watchdogs' bred 'especially for South African circumstances'.

I'm a bit insecure about my masculinity, so I think I want to buy one. How much?

(Britain) A pure bred OEM pup will set you back about £300.

(USA) Increasingly less popular - with their bad rep - APBTs are coming down sharply in price. Say £50 a puppy.

(Japan) As Tosas are regarded as a 'national treasure' in Japan, and are rarely exported, you would probably have to pay a minimum of £2000.

(SA) The Rand is weak. Approximately £100 the pup.

So that's that, then?

(Britain) Yep, just nip down your local kennel club.

(USA) 'Fraid not. American Pit Bull Terriers are one of only two breeds specifically banned by Britain's Dangerous Dogs Act.

(Japan) The other is the Tosa.

(SA) Very debatable. The Boerboel is so unpopular it's even been dissed by the Pit Bull Breeders of France who describe it as being 'excessively aggressive and virtually uncontrollable.'

So which of the world's toughest attack dogs would win in a fight?

(Britain). Jan Libourel, editor of Handguns magazine, asked this very question last year. He didn't even bother to mention the mastiff.

(USA). But he did claim the APBT was, pound-for-pound, the hardest dog in the world.

(Japan). Then again, he also admitted the Tosa would win against an American Pit Bull Terrier by sheer size.

(SA). He forgot to mention that Boerboels have been seen to attack and kill leopards.

So which is the Ben Hur of curs?

Britain's Old English Mastiff: 7/10

America's Pit Bull Terrier: 7/10

Japan's Tosa: 9/10

South Africa's Boerboel: 8/10



Anonymous said...

Come on! Pure rubbish! The hyped up information that you spew is so similiar to that of the ignorant media that it makes me ill. Please, do the dog world a favor and get out in the field for REAL research rather than plugging false propaganda.

Anonymous said...

How many books did you scan to come up with that dross.Start living in the real world.

Val said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Val said...

My Boerboel is 100 pounds and all pussy cat. She lays nearby my momma and baby goat who are not in a pen without any problems. If a stranger comes to our home she would LICK them to death. Until you meet a Boerboel do not judge them. Having a Boerboel is beed a great expirence and I am NOT a dog person. You can ask my son. It's this type of cock and bull that gives a great dog breed a bad name.

Anonymous said...

Please do some research before you post on the Internet. There is already enough rubbish to sort through, and I expected a little more thorough fact-verification from a self-proclaimed journalist.
Mindless speculation about a breed's "hardness" can only perpetuate misconceptions and further discrimination against the breeds you mentioned. And if you are going to throw out a word like "hardest", wouldn't it be beneficial for your reading audience to define the word first?

The U.S.M.C.'s mascot is, unfortunately, an English Bulldog. The breed was ruined long ago by show-breeders. Thier only function now is to hold furniture in place by laying on it.

Maybe you should look into Patterdale terriers (or some of the other hunting terriers) if you are looking at "pound-for-pound" tenacity and ability.

Anonymous said...

Well if you wanted to introduce your blogg you obviously hit the right button. Congratulation to getting the entire bb-community litterary at your throat. What you describe I haven't seen in the probably 200-300 dogs I met - face to face - not in a book or on internet. Maybe you shoud start by checking your facts before writing but maybe they don't teach that at journalist school?
Regards Ewa

Anonymous said...

Before you start bashing breeds, do your research! The pit bull while yes was bred to be dog agressive is NOT supposed to be people agressive. Those that are, are a result of poor breeder and handling. And btw, Boerboels happen to be excellent family pets that was not as you say "uncontrollable". Granted the breeders in SA are only concerned with money, come to america and see how the breed is over here. C'mon dude! Get your head out of your ass and write about something ligitmate!

Anonymous said...

I take double offense to this blog post as I have a male 4 year old American Pit Bull Terrier and a 15 month old female SA Boerboel. I must agree with most people who are posting comments that your info is completely lacking in truth. My APBT is 95 lbs and absolutely LOVES all people he may beat a robber to death with his visous "happy tail" and my BB is almost 125 lbs she is a bit more causious with strangers then the APBT but is as sweet as can be with people she is introduced to and ALL kids regardless of age she simply roles on her back and allows them to crawl all over her. Neither of these dogs or the breed they represent deserve the killer reputation that you and others are painting of them

sean said...

Guys, gals, calm down. Look at my blog - just a bit of fun.

You're like a bunch of cranked-up pitbulls. Ooops.

I mean, er... you know...

Anonymous said...

soon as you used the term "Jap" you lost all the rest of the credibility you had left, not saying you had much before that. Not only do you know nothing about Dogs but you know nothing about dog owners
Your "JUST A BIT OF FUN" is a bunch of crap

Glacier said...

Please consult the dictionary -
defintion of a Boerboel

Anonymous said...

i thought that was interesting, but still think the pittbull is the daddy.

The Pirate Who Tends to LOL Too Much said...

What an absolutley ignorant post. I own two SA Boerboels, as well as a German Shepherd, and I have owned other large "mean" dogs in the past. I am completley impressed with the excellent temperment of my Boerboels. They love children and small animals, and although they are wary of strangers at first, they completley accept all strangers once introduced. They have a better temperment than my German Shepherd or Malamutes ever had. Clearly you have done no research. You state that the boerboel is a bit smaller than the mastiff. Boerboel males typically grow from 175-200lbs. Mastiff males typically grow from 145 -150. You have not done even the most cursory research on your subject. If you feel the need to make nasty and incorrect comments about dogs, a subject you obviously have no knowledge of, then maybe you should write about pommeranians or some other small dogbreed that your venemous lies will not do damage to.

Anonymous said...

have to reply to the person who posted that a boerboel male should be 175-200 pounds. that is just not accurate. No way should they exceed imo 175lbs. Females range from 100-130, though many from SA are in the 90lb range. the author is correct- boerboels are much smaller than English mastiffs, who should be in the upper 100s to 200lb range. The name of the game for boerboels is not the bigger the better. if you want bigger, then do get an English Mastiff or St. Bernard.

Anonymous said...

have to reply to the person who posted that a boerboel male should be 175-200 pounds. that is just not accurate. No way should they exceed imo 175lbs. Females range from 100-130, though many from SA are in the 90lb range. the author is correct- boerboels are much smaller than English mastiffs, who should be in the upper 100s to 200lb range. The name of the game for boerboels is not the bigger the better. if you want bigger, then do get an English Mastiff or St. Bernard.

Anonymous said...

You are a very stupid, ignorant person. do you even own a dog? as an owner of a doberman, several german shepherds, and a pitbull amongst other dogs, and having worked with all breeds of dogs for most of my life, i have never met a mean or vicious dog of the breeds you described. go get some field research done and put the books away!

Anonymous said...

If you want pussycats see the above dogs, if you want a killer, get a Tibetan Mastiff. Big, hard, intelligent, athletic. End of

Anonymous said...

great article mate.

You really know your fighting dogs i must admit.

Would love to get one of them Jap ones and let it loose in my local park. Would show all the others up.

Do you know anything about dancing bears??

Anonymous said...

the last comment is sick. Fighting dogs a big yes but dancing bears ffs.

Anonymous said...

u know f all about dogs! why did you waste your time writing this shit... and more to the point why did i want 5 mins of my life reading it. wanker

Anonymous said...

OMG these comments are hilarious!

Anonymous said...

My 'Cerberus' is a cross Boerboel/Presa Canario mix (herself sired by a Canario and Rottie - we are fond of killer cross-breds :-)): he will have all of the above pussycats hands down.

Anonymous said...

I have a Boerboel and you don't. Eat Shit and Die!

Anonymous said...

I've read all of the post on this blog and I must say that you people all must have your heads in the sand. Many of you say that the author of this blog didn't do his research, but on the other hand, you individuals who posted also haven't done your research. First off, I love all dogs and I've worked with and trained many (Mostly Large Dogs). What you guys don't seem to understand is that the information that the author has given about these particular breed or mostly true and these breeds are capable of performing in a very aggressive manner. If you don't agree to this fact, then you shouldn't owne these type of dogs. It's GREAT the you guys have loyal dogs and I think that is a testement to you as the owner. The author is saying that these breed of dogs are bad, but only that they are capable of what's been bread into them. Thanks, and if anyone need more clarification, I'll explain more.

Anonymous said...

Lol. My 65 pound pit is the toughest SOB that you can imagine. Good luck to any dog giving him any grief. He is so much quicker than the other dogs mentioned that it isn't funny. I have seen them all. Thing is, my boy is neutered and very sweet. He likes everyone and other dogs as well. Now, for a story that I don't like but it happened....Some friends of mine had quite the bull mastiff with a tremendous amount of testosterone and confidence. A 50 pound pitbull came through their yard and the bull mastiff went out and jumped the pit. Less than a minute or two later, they had to shoot the pit in order to get it off of that poor dead bull mastiffs throat. That 50 pound dogs completely ripped that 130 pound bull mastiffs throat out.It was terrible. Two dead dogs due to lack of socialization and owner negligence. It's okay to talk about them being tough, but it's better to talk about them being awesome pets as well as being sweet and great family members. My pit is all that and I have no doubt that you would agree after meeting him. (you had just better be ready to play ball and tug of war so that you can be his buddy! lol)

BuckWild said...

Caucasian Ovcharka's are by far the meanest/toughest dogs in the world. Followed closely by the Filla Brasilio and Bully Kutta.

Malaks (Turkish mastiffs), Kangals, Boz shepherds, and their mixes are perhaps the most capable breeds for fending off wild animals, especially wolves.

Anonymous said...

Well well knew someone would comment like that people like you think your big,hard and clever.Well here is the truth and i know 99% of dog owners would also agree that your an absolute SCUM BAG!!!! .
So well done you!!
(What a waste of freshair and i bet tax payers money which your more than likely scamming)
Its all about the owner, dogs need a master not a little minded SCUM BAG like yourself .

Anonymous said...

I don't see the point of these discussions, the English Mastiff can kill any other breed period! I'm sure these others are badass, but they are no match for a mastiff! I had one and they are invincible amongst dogs! People talk about pound for pound but that don't mean much when a 240 pound mastiff is tearing your 150 pound rottweiler's head off! A guy once sucked his Rottweiler on me because he couldn't see my mastiff behind his huge bushes as I was walking my dog, he try to call him back when stepped from behind the bushes but that Rottweiler got his world jacked up! Would've been killed but I convinced him to let go, because there is no forcing them to let go, their power is amazing! But why do people want to pit these beautiful animals against each other, they are so much more fun when they are a sweet, loving member of the family, not a fierce fighter. I now have 2 golden retrievers and they are fearless, but I hope they never fight another dog , but they have already proven that theybare afraid of nothing when it comes to my kids but that is the only time dogs should be aggressive is to protect their family! My friend had two of the sweetest dogs you would ever meet unless you were aggressive to him and they were pits so a lot of these so called mean dogs are created by their owner it is not who they normally are ! We need to quit letting idiots teach dogs to be mean, not get rid of the dogs!


lee woo said...

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Silvia Jacinto said...

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Anonymous said...

Pound for pound nothing compares to the mighty American pit bull terrier except maybe a patterdale terrier. Also, Jesus the Christ is King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He is your one and only hope! Come on, jump on the Jesus train. It's awesome, it's free and it's forever!

Anonymous said...

We have just returned from a walk where our little terrier was attacked by a huge Japanese fighter cross breed. It was walking with three other dogs ahead of their owners, all off the lead. We had put our dog back on her dog as we were nearing the car park. We had to try to block the brute of a hound from our dog and it took a while for the owner to catch it. It certainly did not respond to their commands.When we told them to keep it on a lead under control they told us it was usually fine. The thing is these owners lack imagination as the forest is a favourite place for young families, only minuets before two tiny children had come over to pat our dog. They would certainly have been hurt if that dangerous dog had charged at ours then.

Tosa Terminator said...

You knucklebutt, you said a large apbt is 30 pounds. Apbt's range from 30 to 75 pounds. A true game bred 75 pound apbt will destroy any other breed regardless of their size. My pit will kick your tosa's Hiney.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know anything about a new breed called a "Price Boar Beisser"? Thanks