Tuesday, April 25, 2006

My Meeting with Death, Part2

So here I am in Mesa Verde, Colorado, where there are these extraordinary medieval Indian villages, hidden inside caves, along canyon walls.

I look kind of relaxed, don't I? That's because I don't know what's about to happen next.

Twenty minutes after this photo was taken I was driving back to my lodge in the westering light, all sunburnt and contented... when this bloody great black bear just ran in front of my car, about ten foot away. A bear! A bleeding great bear!

I nearly crashed the car in surprise. I was pretty shaken - and I'm afraid I didn't have the time, or the inclination, to get a photo. Jesus. The adrenalin rush was intense. I guess this is because we are meant to instictively fear large predators, or something.

Anyway: wow. I'm not sure how close to death I was (again) but obviously if the bear had stopped, turned, come over to the car, prised the doorlock open with a credit card and started to get ursine on my ass I'd have been in deep doo-doo. Lucky, really.

Still. A bear! I saw a bear! A bloody great bear! Yo!


Mulk said...

F*ck yea!! Bears are calm but dangerous animals.

Kudos on being proactive with your blocked saliva gland. I know I would have been flipping out buster brothers style. I hoped you shared your experience on a medical ratings website.

Dan said...

Was that you in today's Sunday Mail?

sean said...

Yeah, was me.

Dan said...

hehe, good stuff. Was sitting in the canteen of where I work (not worth mentioning where).. flicking through the mail (as one tends to do, rarely much to read..) and came across your thing. Was reading it and chuckling away - didn't know it was you.

Then saw the name Sean, and some pictures and thought.. (hold on.. it's that wombler guy I think!). And then it was.

Good stuff. And glad it had a happy ending!

Anonymous said...

oh c'mon, for the yankees...can we read it online? couldn't find it