Sunday, April 23, 2006

So here he is, the venomous critter - about twelve inches from me. After a swift bit of Googling, I think this is a highly toxic western diamondback rattlesnake. But, if anyone knows better (i.e. snake-experts, or native Utahns (hello Corey!)) please let me know. But I'd be very disappointed to hear that my fabulously scary close encounter with death was actually a close encounter with some silly Arizona Nicesnake, or the Lesser Nevadan Yellow Friendlyworm, entirely unvenomous and indeed known for its charity work. So bear that in mind when breaking the news to me.


rg said...

It looks purposeful, like a heat seeking missile going for your foot. Not friendly at all... arrrgh!

Jay Stranahan said...

No, that is certainly a big ol' rattler, and you did well to get the hell away from him.. but as you can see, he isn't interested in you at all. For whatever comfort it's worth, you look like Godzilla to him.

Rattlers are plentiful here in rural northern California, but I've never had a bad experience with one. All they do is crawl around and eat mice and ground squirrels. Even if you thump the ground next to them with a big stick (don't ask how I know this), all they do is recoil and go a diferent direction. You have to work hard to make one try to bite you.

Oh BTW, the famed rattle sounds nothing like the sound FX in the movies. It's this high-pitched buzz that rises and falls, usually in concert with the snake hissing, which produces an eerie two-toned effect and gives you this overwhelming urge to FUCK OFF RIGHT NOW.

Also BTW, he knew you were there. They have heat-seeking sensors on their tongues. They can sense your body heat from twenty feet away. (I'm not making this up). He just didn't consider you a threat. So you were fine.

sean said...

Ta Jay. Good to know I was at least half justified in my girly panic.