Sunday, May 28, 2006

Reviews of my Book

How good is this writer (i.e. me)? Debate rages. Ish.

OK, further to my thoughts on the unreliability of reviewers (see below) my memoir (Millions of Women are Waiting to Meet You; Bloomsbury Books, £10.99 (but cheaper at Tescos!)) has received two reviews, today, in Britain's quality press.

The first is in The Observer. It's by one Polly Vernon. She is notably unimpressed. She begins by saying there is already too much confessional literature in the world, which is a bad start. She admits my book is 'not awful' but then asserts that it is nonetheless 'a bit trite'. In a surge of lukwarm niceness she manages to confess that she found my book 'mildly diverting', she even says it is perked up by some 'gems of affecting insight' but on the whole her review gives me a C minus, at best.


The other review is by Matt Thorne in the Independent on Sunday. He, by contrast, thinks my book is 'hilarious'; indeed he 'can't remember when he last read a book that made him laugh out loud so much'. He also believes the book is 'extraordinarily brave', and even finds one chapter 'flabbergasting'. He concludes that the book is thoroughly enjoyable and adds that I'm a 'very good' writer whose last novel was 'brilliant'.

Quite a difference, I think you will agree.

So who's right? Matt Thorne of course. Fer feck's sake.


Anonymous said...

The reason the book is selling better than your novel is threefold.

1 It's quite good

2 there's stuff about porn.

3. The title. Most people's eyes and sweaty wallets are not drawn to something with the word "perforation" in it , unless it's bookended with the words "Jordan's" and " hell" , or something.

This is Loic's friend David by the way....glad your book's doing well. Regards.

chilepop said...