Monday, July 10, 2006

The Truth about Fatherhood


Regular readers of my blog (i.e. Bob Smithson in Melbourne) might have noticed two things about Ye Ancient Toffeewomble in recent weeks.

1. It's been a bit sporadic and crap of late.
2. The posts have not been as personal and insightful as they used to be, almost as if they were mainly pieces of warmed-over journalism that I have already published elsewhere.

If you have spotted these trends, give yourself the Pulitzer Prize for Insight, because both are true, interlinked and result from one circumstance: a few weeks a go I became a dad. Yup, a dad. A proper father. A daddio. Paterfamilias. A fraught sleepless zombie with babycack on his arm and milky-puke on his shoulder. A DAD.

The arrival of little Lucy May Lamorna (see pics above and below; my daughter is the small one without the stubble) has meant that I have been very involved in buying nappies and sterilizing bottles, and have therefore had not much time to post. And when I have felt like posting, I haven't felt like getting all emotional and personal due to my heart being full of tumultuous new feelings that I haven't quite worked out yet; also it's hard to post when your daughter keeps dribbling on your laptop.

Anyway. Now you know. And here she is. Joy to the World.


Marina said...

Awwwwww. :D Baby puke on the shoulder is one of the best parts of life, I've always said.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what to congratulate you on most heartily - the birth of your child or your appearance on richard and Judy.

Well done!

RB said...

Congratulations from another regular reader.

I do have a question though; are you sure it isn't you that's dribbling on the laptop?

Bryn & Diane, North Wales said...

Welcome to the world of parenthood!
Somehow it still all seems worthwhile to us, even 14 years on with teenage demands on time & wallet driving the missus & me to the dribbling stage most days......!
Best Wishes for your futures.

Andy D said...

Congratulations Sean.