Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Garden of Eden Grand Prıze Results!

Men, Women, and the Carp of Abraham.

OK, as regular toffeewomblers know all too well, the other day İ asked you to name the spot İ am headed to, a spot which is thought by some experts to be the Garden of Eden..

We had some interesting comments, one of which claimed İ was off to Cornwall. Paradisical as Cornwall is, I am afraid that one was dead wrong.

Somewhat righter was Stephen, who got within a hundred miles - when he asserted that i was heading for Mount Nemrut, Kurdistan, eastern Turkey.

Right country, right region, wrong hill.

The place i am actually headed to is called Gobekli Tepe, the 'hill of the navel', about an hour south of Sanliurfa, Kurdistan, eastern Turkey.

As proof of my whereabout İ took that pic up there, yesterday. It shows people hobnobbing around the Pool of Abraham, in Sanliurfa. The people are all staring at some holy carp. I kid you not.

Anyway, i have had enough of typing ın thıs fuckıng AnaTOLIAN CYbercafe where the keybopsards aRE FULL ofd stupıdf letters lıke ş ö and ç and theres noc ommas and ıt all sucks and ıts really hot and they keep tyryıng to dsell me carpets.

Thıs afternoon I am goıng to the garden of eden, hard by the Syrıan border. i hope its nıcer.

I shall keep you posted.

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Anonymous said...

ooooh, well, 100 miles, thats several thousand miles closer than anyone else, I can live wth that.