Monday, October 02, 2006

Utah Solpugids??

Yep, my book has just been published in German. Das ist cool!

Hello everyone. I'm back from Kurdistan but I've got a cold. So this won't be a very long comment.

Indeed it's not going to be much of a comment at all. But I just thought I'd mention some of the weird ways people have been reaching my blog, according to Site Meter.

In the last 24 hours, people have been linked to this blog by Google after searching the internet using these phrases:

Utah Solpugids

"strip pub" UK

swelling under chin

ancient granny caning

diamondback pitpull dog and price

paris brothels

honey as a natural spermicide

colin Montgomerie fat cunt

matthew arnold, the underground stream

spanking monika

has sigourney weaver had plastic surgery?

onsen photo men nude blogspot

is alan rusbridger gay -priest

conger eel two fat ladies

Zorba the OEM

sphinx pubic trim

wash aunt shorts erection


Dormouse Sausage

I don't know whether this remarkable collection says more about me, my blog, humanity, or the Internet.

1 comment:

Marina said...

O_O Ancient granny caning?

Now I'm scared.