Sunday, January 07, 2007

Toffeewomble Travel Quiz Number Four

Your first clue.

Happy New Year everyone. I know I haven't been posting much, but it's all been rather hectic at Toffeewomble Towers. What with finishing my novel, bringing up my daughter, recovering from festive hangovers, and staring vaguely into space, I haven't had much time for anything blog-esque. And, sadly, that state of affairs is likely to persist for a week or two, because I am off on my travels again.

This time I am going somewhere quite unusual to do something totally ghastly.

But I thought I'd make things more exciting for you by presenting you with this info in the form of, ta-dah!, the Fourth Official Toffeewomble Travel Quiz.

So, where am I going and what am I going to do?

Answers on the back of a blank cheque, please.

The prize is the usual: a large flat in Mayfair or nothing whatsoever (depending on weather). I hope this exciting reward will tempt some better entries than I had for the last travel quiz, when just two people essayed a guess at where I was going, and one of those attempts was 'you're off to a castle where your mum is being banged by an entire basketball team'.

Thanks for that.

Anyway, up there is your first picture clue. That's where I'm headed. The second clue is below....


RB said...

alright, I reckon you're off to somewhere in SE Asia. To be mroe specific I reckon Cambodia or Laos, but I recall hearing about somewhere in Cambodia where they eat spiders, so I'll stick with Cambodia.

No idea where in Cambodia, but presumably somewhere where there is a castle and your mum is.......oh nevermind.

sean said...

Very good! Bullseye first time. Perhaps I made this a little easy.

So, yes, I'm off to Cambodia, to eat spiders. Broiled tarantulas, to be exact.

I could prolong the quiz by asking you where in Cambodia but that would take about three futile seconds of Googling - its the Spider Eating City of Skuon.


(I'm just arranging the new flat for you now).

sean said...

PS Any ideas on the previous quiz? The one with the castle and the woman.

No one has got this yet.

Clue: Jackie the Ripper?

RB said...

No clue on the last quiz. I would like to point out that I didn't google that; I used to work in a factory with a variety of SE Asians (Laotians mostly) and they told me of this. Frankly I didn't believe it, but there you are.

Can you mail the fashionably appointed flat (including a fashionable segment of Mayfair) to Canada?