Wednesday, January 17, 2007

You Doubt Me?

Ah, sun, sea and cold Singha beer. I wish.

There seems to be a climate of doubt surrounding my current trip to Indochina. As I said, before I departed, my job during my travels is to try the most disgusting foods in south-east Asia - an area of the world which is well known for its weird recipes, debatable comestibles, and outrageous ingredients. Things like deep fried crickets, river algae, boiled pig uterus, and rat-on-a-stick.

Judging by the ominous lack of well-wishers, however, it seems that many of you are harbouring doubts. Perhaps some of you suspect that I am just on another jolly, soaking up the tropical sun while northwest Europe shivers through winter. Maybe a few cynics think I am simply boozing it up in the pool bars of Patpong.

So I have decided to try and prove that I really am here on a fairly tricky assignment. To that end, here's a photo of myself at work last might. Maybe it will help....

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