Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Photos from Namibia

OK I've been travelling a lot. My last trip was to the Namibian wilderness. Here's a selection of photos from the trip. This one shows all the volunteer elephant-saving girls getting scared like a bunch of, well, girls. Just because we were about to be charged and trampled by all these massive elephants.

Here's me looking much more macho.

Author, pensive, desert.

In the middle of the desert there are these wetlands. Where even the most robust 4WD can get totally stuck. Twice.

That's me, with balloon, wondering how camping can be quite so knackering.

Given that we had to do a lot of wading whenever we got stuck, it was lucky I'd brought with me a pair of attractive shorts.

World's ugliest plant (see piece below); my car behind.

OK, it wasn't all bad.

Rush hour, the Great Namib Desert.

Campfire, Damaraland dawn.

My balloon, with the desert beyond. A moment after this I saw a caracal - a desert lynx. A very rare sighting of an elusive animal. Hah!

Namibia is amazing.

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