Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Brief Interlude of Gloating

My regular reader may recall that I spent the winter in unusual circumstances: writing a weird thriller in various parts of Asia, while doing soccer-related charity stories for FIFA.

You may have wondered what happened to the thriller. Or you may not. Who cares I'm gonna tell you anyway.

The following snippet of gossip appeared in Publishers Weekly this Friday past, summing up the buzz from last week's London Book Fair, the premier global bookfest of the spring.

"Several titles out on submission in the U.S. may get a boost from foreign sales at the fair... Jay Mandel at William Morris New York is due to go out shortly with Tom Knox’s The Genesis Secret, a thriller that weaves together the story of an archaelogical dig in the deserts of eastern Turkey with that of a series of random murders occurring in England. Harper bought U.K. rights to two books, and there are offers in Greece and Finland and multiple offers in Germany, Italy, France and Brazil."

Modesty precludes me from commenting further. YAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!

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