Friday, September 05, 2008

Warming Down

Oxford Street, central London, yesterday. NOT.

A Change in the Climate?

Sometimes it takes enormous changes to shift a scientific paradigm. Sometimes these changes are accompanied by religious and cultural strife - even violence. Just think of the brutal passions that surrounded Galileo, and the shift to a Copernican, heliocentric view of the solar system.

And then there are the times when an established scientific theory just turns, overnight, into a joke. And everyone laughs at the naked emperor.

It is possible the great scientific paradigm of the moment - climate change, or global warming, has reached just such a jocular moment. Right now a team of brave men are busy kayaking their way to the North Pole, as part of the Polar Defense Project.

Their aim is to show how the ice is now so thin - dissolved by global warming - that the entire pole is navigable. Their noble campaign is, naturally, just a tiny part of the huge crusading consensus that surrounds the issue of warming: this global warming theory is so established it wins Oscars for its documentary makers and huge budgets for its scientific evangelisers, while governments across the world kowtow to its power. Meanwhile, any dissenters are regarded as mavericks - or worse. Some of the most aggressive "warmists" have threatened to imprison oil company executives just for being oil company executives.

Only trouble is the guys in the North Pole kayaks trying to prove there is no ice just got stuck. In ice.

OK, this could just be seen as bad luck. Let's face it, they're in the North Pole, in canoes. You might expect a bit of ice. Unless you were the most dogmatic of the Global Warming Wahabbis.

But this evidence now sits alongside a whole range of data that, at the very least, question the tenets of the Taliban of Temperature Increase. Look at Britain's summer. England has just experienced its cloudiest, dullest August almost since records began. Ireland's had the wettest summer in a century and a half. Sun spot activity is now at an all-time and unprecedented low - a phenomenon usually associated with dangerous global COOLING.

That's right, global cooling. And funnily enough global temperatures have, in the last ten years, actually flatlined, or even cooled. Not something you often hear mentioned by the Wee Free Presbyterians of Warmism.

Perhaps it is time for a paradigm change, or at least a little paradigm Questioning?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sean, your posts on PBC make it worth reading.

Anyhow, global warming leads to increased evapouration, therefore more cloud, more rain.

But like the C4 documentary says, global warming is natural. It has been warmer in the past. It will get so in the future. The Vikings even settle Greenland...

Keep up the good work on pbc. Stand for a safe seat one day - when political correctness has been stamped out and individuals are appreciated.