Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Another Door, How Exciting is My Blog?

Negev Door

Continuing my exciting and effervescent theme of Door, Windows and Other Things seen on my travels, here is a door which is also a sort of window - double the fun!

The photo was taken about a year ago, when I went to the Negev desert in Israel to see the Spice Route of the Nabateans. This hotel - with the door/window - was a freezing cold eco-camp, devoid of electricity, and full of young Israeli settler hippy types (a very weird sort of young hard right wing sandal wearing fundamentalist Zionist vegan) all singing songs and eating enormous breakfasts.

The only heat (the Negev is cold at night in winter) was provided by huge wood fires and the the only light at night came from storm lanterns.

It's right by the Egyptian border though so there's always the chance of a firefight or a missile strike to warm things up.

I quite liked it.

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