Thursday, January 15, 2009

Things You See On A Walk In Namibia

So I was out having my regular afternoon stroll on the desolate diamond-rich coast of Namibia's "Forbidden Zone" (as you do), and I came across this:

It was SEVEN FEET LONG. Yes. More than TWO METRES. And there were dozens of them washed up on the beach:

What the F? Does anyone know what species these jellyfish might be? Or are they just dead aliens or something?

Crazy. And brilliant. Namibia is wild.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Nice View of Dachau

Sea looks nice though.

OK guys, I'm aware my blogging has been sparse to the point of inexistence of late; that's cause I'm working hard. Right now I'm in Namibia, researching the next Tom Knox thriller. Recently I arrived in Luderitz, a semi-derelict port surrounded by deserts, ghost towns and prowling hyenas - i.e. it's a bit like Britain in 2010, after two more years of Labour government.

But here's a thing. I’ve just realised my hotel room has a good view of the world’s first extermination camp: Shark Island, where the Germans killed the last of the rebellious Witbooi people, in the 1900s.

Read about it here.

That's quite something isn't it? The island is on the left of the pic.

Do you think this was a deliberate feature, incorporated by the architects? I’d like to have been at the design meeting when the hotel was being planned. “No, Tarquin, let’s put it nearer the ovens, and call it the Mass Grave Breakfast Bar. Then guests can gas their own muffins.”

Maybe they just didn’t realise.

Anyway, I’d like to know if anyone can beat that. Has a reader been to a more unfortunately situated tourist complex? Perhaps they’ve stayed in a Centerparc built on a plague pit. Or used the trouser press at the Hotel Rwanda. I’m prepared to be trumped by the amazing resources of the toffeewomble blogerati.

Dankie. More soon. Promise.