Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The Toffeewomble: An Announcement


The regular reader of the Toffeewomble might have noticed that the frequency of my posts has dropped off, in recent months; indeed these days one month can stretch into another with nothing on here but cyber tumbleweed rolling past the derelict cemetery of web silence and towards the disused saloon bar of over-extended metaphor.

Clearly I have an excuse. I have become much busier of late. Sort of. I also have another website: the genesis secret (soon to be tomknoxbooks.com - but not yet - calm down!)

Moreover, I have started twitterin. You'll find me tweeting under the name "thomasknox", if you are interested.

All that exciting activity leaves the Toffeewomble looking a little forlorn and neglected. And I have decided to do something about it. I don't want the place to become one of those sad blogs that just STOPS.

So. From now on the Toffeewomble will be, in the main, a repository for my photos. In the last few years I've started taking lots of shots, and indeed sometimes I even get paid tiny amounts for them.

So the Womble will become a kind of personal photo album of almost no interest to anyone apart from me. Yes, it's going to be that good. It will chart my travels, and not much else. It will be an imagistic map of my life and thoughts, with maybe some cute girls to make it halfway interesting.

I fully expect my readership to decline from the dizzy heights of two a day to maybe half a visitor a month, but at least in fifty years I'll be able to look back and say ooh, that's what I did in August 2008.

And what was I doing in August 2008? I was wandering around the Mafia port of Trapani, in western Sicily, a very moody but also captivating place, where I took this shot of an old alley leading down to the sea, complete with poignantly 3 wheeled car.


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