Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Where I Was Yesterday

I am in France right now - in fact I'm in Deep France, the Cevennes, researching the next Tom Knox, the third in the series. It's a great part of the world - and I''ve found a fab thrillerish location - a menacing and highly impressive megalithic complex, Les Chams des Bondons.

It consists of hundreds of scattered and huge standing stones - some 5m tall - peering mournfully down at the forests from the plateaux of Lozere.

Amazing place - and yet hardly anyone has heard of it! Perfect for a Tom Knox thriller. I hope. Here are some pix.

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Modestine l'ânesse des Cévennes said...

Hi Sean,
Hope you spend a nice stay in Cevennes !
You can post your photos on Flickr Group Holidays in Cevennes

and follow us on Twitter @cevennes !

See u !