Sunday, March 07, 2010

A Poem I Wrote. On Twitter

Regent's Park, today

So I was walking in my local park, Regent's Park, this afternoon. It was a beautiful Spring day and I took the photo of the fountain, above, and I also composed a poem in bits, which I posted on Twitter, as I walked.

Here it is, slightly polished. My twitter poem. Maybe it will be the first in a new genre, or, then again, maybe not.

The Cycle of Rebirth in Regent's Park

Suddenly. In sunlit Regents Park,
A blaze of purple crocuses.
Like a busload of kids in school uniform
No longer afraid of the dark.

The park is full of girls, as well
Russian, Spanish, royal Khmer,
Tartan miniskirted; Japanese
Like unexpected, visiting divinities.

The pure apsaras of Primrose Hill,
Devatas of Delancey Street
Rusalki, sea-nymphs, nereids,
The sirens of St Katherine's Gate.

Young women are always young,
They make death look quite forlorn.
If this is samsara, in old Marylebone
Then amongst these girls you smile: reborn.